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Stearic Acid

  • Stearic Acid
  • Stearic Acid
Model No.︰SA01
Brand Name︰Aisha
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 900 / MT
Minimum Order︰1 MT
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Product Description


1.Stearic acid has a cheap price 
2.Its so ent is alkaline 
3.Excellent quality 
4.Quick delivery


White or yellowish wax shape solid,with sightly beef tallow odor,disso ing in ethanol,ether,chloroform,carbon sulfide,carbon tetrachloride etc,so ents,insoluble in water.Relative density 0.84(69 degree)melting point 69.4degree.Commercial product stearic acid is the mixture of palmitic acid stearic acid.



This product is made from net plam oil or the mixtures of plam oil and tallow,after asome processes of hydrogenation,high pressure hydrolysis,distillation etc,widely used in rubber,plastic,textile,precision casting,cosmetic and surfactant industries.



                                       Certification of analysis

Item Grades
Stearic Acid 200 Stearic Acid(Massiveness)
Grade Grade 1 Grade 2
Acid value 208~214 205~211
Saponification value 209~215 206~212
I odine value 0.4~1.0 <0.5
Soildifying point 54~56  54~57 
Colour Hazen 40~80  ≤200 
Moisture content%  ≤0.2  ≤0.2 
Shape  Flake Massiveness 
Notes  Specimen is formulatedinto15% anhydrous alcohol solution


25kg/Carton,bag,.We also can pack according to customers'requirements.

Storage and carring notes:

It should be stored in a cool,dry place,gently loading and discharging to prevent any damage to the packages,transport according to the ordinary chemical regulations.

Payment Terms︰T/T or L/C
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